Geriatric Cardiology aims to incorporate principles from geriatric medicine into the routine care of older patients with cardiovascular disease. These principles include considering patients’ functional status and impairments, multiple chronic medical conditions, social support system, and individual goals in determining the best treatment plan.  A schematic of this process is provided below.


Figure 1. Proposed elements of a geriatric cardiology outpatient visit. In a patient-centred approach, multiple domains are assessed and then integrated to determine optimal therapeutic options (Dodson, J.; Matlock, D.; Forman, D., 2016)

The 2015 JACC article What to Expect from the Emerging Field of Geriatric Cardiology is an excellent resource to find out more about the present and future of the discipline. was created by faculty and research staff at NYU Langone Medical Center. All opinions expressed on are solely the authors’ and do not reflect the views of any academic medical center.

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