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“Patient Priorities Care: State of the Art”
Dr. John Dodson updates on advancements currently underway for incorporating patient priorities into medical decision-making. With a background in the principle of geriatric cardiology, he emphasizes why the principle’s focus on individualized care plans for patients is not only useful within the fields of geriatrics and cardiology, but within all specialties in medicine.





RUSK Rehabilitation Podcast Series: “Exploring Geriatric Cardiology, Part 1 & 2”

Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 1.42.24 PMOn June 25th, Dr. Dodson (NYU cardiologist, Associate Professor of Medicine and Population Health, Director of the Geriatric Cardiology Program at NYU, and our contributing blog writer) was featured on the RUSK Rehabilitation Podcast series hosted by Rusk Rehabilitation Center. He speaks of some of the patient-oriented research he is currently conducting with patients over the age of 70, and the discoveries he is making through the studies. You can access his interviews (Parts 1 & 2) – for free- through iTunes here.

RUSK Insights on Rehabilitation Medicine is a top podcast featuring interviews with faculty and staff of RUSK Rehabilitation at NYU Langone Medical Center. These podcasts are being offered by RUSK, one of the top rehabilitation centers in the world. Your host for these interviews is Dr. Tom Elwood. He will take you behind the scenes to look at what is transpiring in the exciting world of rehabilitation research and clinical services through the eyes of those involved in making dynamic breakthroughs in health care.



“STAYING HEALTHY”: Healthy Tips for Older Adults by CardioSmart, LLC


Click on this adorable infographic for a close-up of  how older adults with heart disease can better their lifestyles by just following these simple steps!

Additionally, visit CardioSmart’s website to learn more about Geriatric Cardiology and how with it, you can better understand the etiology of your disease and what further steps you can take to manage it.








Does exercise really make a difference when you’re older? Visit this article from The New York Times addressing the importance of exercise in the geriatric population!









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